Fortier Dakar  FD-

Series 1


The absolute finest series of commercial postcards by Fortier between 1900 and 1902 is brief. It comprises:

Series 1-A - ten un-numbered prints (excepting any yet to be discovered).

Series 1-B - 23 numbered prints * (which are all reprinted - except for number 23 - for the FPh- series, under the same numbers and, with some exceptions, the same legends).

*see Series 1B - number 24 has now been discovered. There are also a further two additional cards as follows:-

After FD-1. 'DAKAR' or 'Dakar from the shipping roads' which becomes FD-1(A) it is necessary to add FD-1(B). 'RUFISQUE. Fishermen.'

After FD-11. 'DAKAR. Local village', which becomes FD-11(A), we add FD-11(B). 'Women from Dakar.' (see Series 1B).


The FD- cards are known with absolute confidence to lie within 1901 and 1902.There is no knowledge for instance of any which were sent in 1899 or 1900 but there is no evidence for us to know the exact dates of taking those prints essentially devoted to Dakar and to characters mainly from Dakar.

It is likely that the placing on sale of the un-numbered prints was prior to the appearance of the others. However, it is not impossible that the FD- series were contemparary with the un-numbered FPh- series which circulated also during 1902. This was not the only case of the muddle and overlapping characteristic of a collection which we save even more than others.

The format of this first series is as follows:

- Normal CPA format 14 x 9 (like for all the Fortier production, with some exceptions);

- Black print on white or light straw;

- 4 variable margins without clear edges;

- "Fortier, Dakar" on the front, variably placed;

- Number and legend on the front;

Several of the prints reserved for the FD- series and the FPh- series carry another identification number preceding the initials of the photographer "EF", generally in white lettering on the same print. This number, which has nothing to do with the card numbers, is indicated everywhere it occurs.


Series 1-A

  • FD-(1) Dakar. Entrance and station
  • FD-(2) Street in Dakar. Facing the hotel
  • FD-(3) Thies Market
  • FD-(4) Typical Senegalese
  • FD-(5) Anse Bernard, Dakar /sea to the left, Cap Manuel at the end, around. Various legends; exists anonymously /
  • FD-(6) General view / port, view of the sea-front /
  • FD-(7) Post Office Street, Dakar / street with several people and three horse-drawn carts. Buildings with balconies on the right. Trees to the left /
  • FD-(8) Market, Dakar / the old market preceeding the Kermel /
  • FD-(9) Entrance to Dakar / Another view of the Boulevard Pinet-Laprade going up from the port /
  • FD-(10) Types de Dakar / Reprinted as Jeunes Filles de Dakar - see FPh-19 /
  • ____________________________________________

Series 1-B

  • FD-1(A). Dakar. Dakar from the port
  • FD-1(B). RUFISQUE. Fishermen.
  • FD-2. Dakar. In the village. / Women grain pounders and children/
  • FD-3. DAKAR. Station and hotels.
  • FD-4. Dakar. Mosque / Corner of Blanchot and Carnot Streets/
  • FD-5. Street in Dakar / African Quarter /
  • FD-6. Gorée. Main square
  • FD-7. Dakar. Anse Bernard and hospital. / Shows a bay with the hospital on a rise to the right //R/
  • FD-8. Dakar. Corner of the boulevard. / National Boulevard, corner of Braconnier /
  • FD-9. Dakar. Public garden and beach. / Cavalry detachment /
  • FD-10. Dakar. The Cathedral. / the first, Protêt Square /
  • FD-11(A). Dakar. Native village. /Refer: FPh-31 un-numbered /
  • FD-11(B). Women from Dakar. / three women, of which one is standing and grinding millet /
  • FD-12. Pimitive types in the bush. /Refer: FD-(4) above /
  • FD-13. Dakar. Young Lébou girls. / 7 girls, all servants from the same house; sometimes Tébou in the caption; print EF-65 /
  • FD-14. Sénégal. A Mauritanian and her son.
  • FD-15. Young Soussou girl. / print EF-84 Guinée /
  • FD-16. Sénégal. Lahobé woman. / pretty hairstyle and necklaces /
  • FD-17. Sénégal. Young shepherds.
  • FD-18. Dakar. At the well. / on the harbour, Point de Dakar in the background /
  • FD-19. Sénégal. Young girls.
  • FD-20. Sénégal. Mauritanian. / print EF-35 /
  • FD-21. Woman from Dakar. / half nude, with a pipe /
  • FD-22. Sénégal. Peuhl woman. / print EF-76 /
  • FD-23. Dakar. The little port.
  • FD-24. DAKAR / A panoramic view from the sea / NOTE: This is a new find