FPh- 700 to 749

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FPh-700. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère-None girl / see FPh-682 /

FPh-701. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère-Nones / cicatrices clearly visible. See FPh-618, 776 and 778 /

FPh-702. SÉNÉGAL - Interior of a Cérère village

FPh-703. SÉNÉGAL - The Little Coast - Young Fadiouth canoeist. With the Fadiouths is is generally the women who operate the canoes.

FPh-704. SÉNÉGAL - Screening millet. One allows the grains tofall from a certain height.

FPh-705. SÉNÉGAL - Griot of Guewel. The griots are mainly musicians who accompany the chiefs / same subject occurs on FPh-622 /

FPh-706. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères from Diéguem, very fierce. The photographer’s interpreter successfuly kept two women who would have fled at his approach.

FPh-707. SÉNÉGAL - Young Fadiouth canoeists. Fadiouths are found on an island - The handling of canoes is reserved for the women and children whilst the men pursue other work

FPh-708. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère women flailing the ears of corn pestles in order to separate the grains

FPh-709. SÉNÉGAL - Construction of a hut. Making the roof

FPh-710. SÉNÉGAL - Young Lébou girl / Studio posed girl with a shawl. Snapshot EF1154 /

FPh-711. SÉNÉGAL - Merchant dealing in the black sand which the women sprinkle the tresses of their hair (djimbis) preparatory to applying greasy material

FPh-712. SÉNÉGAL - Corn granaries. Enormous baskets...protected from the sun...in which the natives conserve the corn.

FPh-713. SÉNÉGAL - Sine. Cérère carrying a ‘canary’ (a spherical pot which serves to conserve water)

FPh-714. SÉNÉGAL - Sine. Firing a pot. The vessels are baked in the cinders of desiccated beef dung which burns slowly

FPh-715. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère hunter / with a bow /

FPh-716. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères form the area around Niening / braided /

FPh-717. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère women

FPh-718. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère-None girl

FPh-719. SÉNÉGAL - Sine - Cérère hunters / six with five guns /

FPh-720. SÉNÉGAL - Sine. Elderly Cérère

FPh-721. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère wimen

FPh-722. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères from Diéguem, very fierce. To prevent their running off the photographer’s interpreter presented them with tobacco leaves of which they are very fond

FPh-723. SÉNÉGAL - Young Fadiouths ‘hunting’ fish with arrows

FPh-724. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère-Nones / same family on FPh-38, 51, 167, 232 and 580 /

FPh-725. SÉNÉGAL - Saloum. Trader and his wives / three women / R /

FPh-726. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère- Nones from the area of thiès

FPh-727. SÉNÉGAL - Alioune Sow Chief of the Sine Peuhles / on horse; the same with his family on FPh-791 /

FPh-728. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère wrestlers / numerous / R /

FPh-729. SÉNÉGAL - Sine Peuhles

FPh-730. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères making a . Fenced with stems of millet or maize bound by strips of bark.

FPh-731. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère woman / with pestle / R /

FPh-732. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères from Sine

FPh-733. SÉNÉGAL - DIAHAW. The King of Sine’s Residence

FPh-734. SÉNÉGAL - DIAHAW. The King of Sine’s Residence

FPh-735. SÉNÉGAL - DIAHAW. The King of Sine’s Residence / hut on stilts /

FPh-736. SÉNÉGAL - DIAHAW. The King of Sine’s Residence




FPh-740. SÉNÉGAL - JOAL. The early post constructed by Faidherbe


FPh-742. SÉNÉGAL - Garden of the Mission of N’Gazobil

FPh-743. SÉNÉGAL - Garden of the Mission of N’Gazobil / nice coast with cliffs / R /

FPh-744. SÉNÉGAL - 14 July. The stands for the revue / in front of the General Secretariat /

FPh-745. SÉNÉGAL - 14 July. Wrestling

FPh-746. SÉNÉGAL - 14 July. The jetty at the hour of the regatta

FPh-747. SÉNÉGAL - 14 July.  Walking race