FPh- 650 to 699

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FPh-650. SÉNÉGAL - SINE-SALOUM - FOUNDIOUGNE / The Nairot farm /

FPh-651. SÉNÉGAL - FATICK - Important stopover on The Sine. The tannery /

FPh-652. SÉNÉGAL - FATICK - Important stopover on The Sine. The market /

FPh-653. SÉNÉGAL - The little Coast - NIANING - The natives fled this region during an outbreak of sleeping sickness

FPh-654. SÉNÉGAL - Caravan of Lahobés in the yard of a European merchant. The Lahobés are nomads and live in the proximity of forests where they carve from the tree trunks various utensils which they sell to the other blacks

FPh-655. SÉNÉGAL - In the Dieguem - Cérères

FPh-656. SÉNÉGAL - Construction of a hut. Assembling the woven thatched roof / see FPh-691, same scene /

FPh-657. SÉNÉGAL - Well at Thiès / women with children and girls drawing water from the well /

FPh-658. SÉNÉGAL - Mission at Thiès

FPh-659. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - The races / Race-goers arriving with pony and traps, smartly dressed for the event /

FPh-660. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - The races

FPh-661. DAKAR - Market Place / the future Kermel /

FPh-662. SÉNÉGAL - Dakar on 14th July

FPh-663. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - Greasy pole on 14 July

FPh-664. SÉNÉGAL - Dakar - Military music at Protet Square

FPh-665. SÉNÉGAL - Traders shop in the Sine / Customers at the door. Man with goods riding camel /

FPh-666. SÉNÉGAL - Herds at the well

FPh-667. SÉNÉGAL - Entry to the village

FPh-668. SÉNÉGAL - Woodcutters in the forest

FPh-669. SÉNÉGAL - Village of Fadiouth - To shelter from...  / granaries on piles / FPh-669 and 670 reworked /

FPh-670. SÉNÉGAL - Village of Fadiouth - To shelter from... 

FPh-671. SÉNÉGAL - Village of Fadiouth - To shelter from... 

FPh-672. SÉNÉGAL - Village of Fadiouth - To shelter from...  / R /

FPh-673. SÉNÉGAL - Village of Fadiouth - To shelter from the exactions of  Cérère chiefs and their henchmen, the Fadiouths transported their village to an island close to Joal. This village is partly on piles / R /

FPh-674. SÉNÉGAL - River from the Saloum. Renovating the sails of cutters

FPh-675. SÉNÉGAL - Fish merchants at the Fatick tannery

FPh-676. SÉNÉGAL - Sine - Tomb of Cérère chief. The Cérères  carve a large...

FPh-677. SÉNÉGAL - Entry to a Cérère village - The hut of a fetish spirit. Each village has its own fetish whose hut is carefully attended. It is also supplied with provisions

FPh-678. SÉNÉGAL - Around a well in the interior

FPh-679. SÉNÉGAL - Preparing millet beer at a Cérère home / see FPh-694, same scene / R /

FPh-680. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère family / father with gun and amulets, mother and two children / R /

FPh-681. SÉNÉGAL - Budding hunter / the boy from FPh-680 with the gun / R /

FPh-682. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère-None girl / same subject on FPh-700. Tribal cicatrices on abdomen, waist-beads and necklaces /

FPh-683. SÉNÉGAL - Diobas. Cérère-Nones / same subject on FPh-699

FPh-684. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère women / Four women, two with infants. Same subjects on FPh-698 /

FPh-685. SÉNÉGAL - Women canoeists from Fadiouth. Fadiouth is an island. The canoes are the only means of getting there

FPh-686. SÉNÉGAL - Diobas. Young Cérère-None girl / note the wooden pestles for pounding leaning against the tree /

FPh-687. SÉNÉGAL - Threshing millet. Is done by pounding the pestle in the wooden mortars / tow pounders. flooded terrain /

FPh-688. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères from Diéguem / group of two women with several children. Village in background /

FPh-689. SÉNÉGAL - Preparation of couscous. After having piled the millet in the mortars, the women dampen the flour so that it just conglomerates into small lumps / R /

FPh-690. SÉNÉGAL - Woman from Sine and her child

FPh-691. SÉNÉGAL - Construction of a hut. Combining the straw by means of strips of bark / see FPh-656 same scene /

FPh-692. SÉNÉGAL - Young Cérère girls from the area around Thiès / R /

FPh-693. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère hunter / with a bow and large knife/

FPh-694. SÉNÉGAL - Diobas home of the Nones. Making an intoxicating drink from an infusion of fermented millet / see FPh-679 /

FPh-695. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère of Diobas (between Pout and Thiès / Note the large knife on the man’s chest, also the drinking gourd and water supply on the carrying pole /

FPh-696. SÉNÉGAL - Lébou fisherman selling his fish

FPh-697. SÉNÉGAL - Hairstyle of a Peuhle woman

FPh-698. SÉNÉGAL -Cérère women / same subjects on FPh-684

FPh-699. SÉNÉGAL - DIOBAS - Cérère-None woman / woman seated outside hut with infant at breast. Pounding pestle under foot. See FPh-683 /