FPh- 450 to 499

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FPh-450. SÉNÉGAL - The bush

FPh-451. SÉNÉGAL - Cayor - A well

FPh-452. TIVAOUANE- The market

FPh-453. TIVAOUANE - The market / Busy market scene showing a Decauville type railway on the left /

FPh-454. SÉNÉGAL - Young Peuhle

FPh-455. DAKAR - Troopers departing in a column / R /

FPh-456. SÉNÉGAL - Cayor - Baobabs

FPh-457. TIVAOUANE - The market

FPh-458. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - In the native village / Children under a tree. Native huts to the right / NOTE: this number is recorded as simply ‘TIVAOUANE’ in the Inventaire Générale /

FPh-459. SÉNÉGAL - Around a shallow well. The women draw water

FPh-460. PIRE - The forest of palm trees

FPh-461. PIRE - The forest of palm trees

FPh-462. PIRE - A well in the forest

FPh-463. PIRE - The forest of palm trees


FPh-465. SÉNÉGAL - Market at Meckhé

FPh-466. CAYOR - Cotton spinner

FPh-467. SÉNÉGAL - A street in Meckhé

FPh-468. SÉNÉGAL - Market at Meckhé

FPh-469. SÉNÉGAL - In the Cayor / native village amongst the trees /

FPh-470. Cayor - Fallen baobab tree

FPh-471. SÉNÉGAL - The bush

FPh-472. CAYOR - At the well / see FPh-451, 489 and 499 /

FPh-473. SÉNÉGAL - Entry to a village

FPh-474. SÉNÉGAL - Transport of groundnuts / transporting groundnuts by camel /

FPh-475. CAYOR - Peuhles and their habitat

FPh-476. KELLE - Station and Buffet / Important station stop, at mid-way from DSL Dakar to St-Louis /

FPh-477. CAYOR - Mauritanian Camel riders

FPh-478. SÉNÉGAL - Weavers

FPh-479. N’DANDE - The market

FPh-480. SÉNÉGAL - Backwater and Leybar Bridge near St-Louis

FPh-481. CAYOR - A corner of the village

FPh-482. SÉNÉGAL - Young types from Cayor / 15 children on a baobab /

FPh-483. SÉNÉGAL - Landscape. In the region of the Peuhles / North Kayor or Ferlo /

FPh-484. SÉNÉGAL - Peuhles from Cayor / Four women and two girls. Three are same subjects on FPh-498 /

FPh-485. The wells at N’Dande. The deepest in Cayor. In the foreground a woman insults the photographer

FPh-486. The wells at N’Dande. 45m deep. 20m in diameter. Without masonry

FPh-487. CAYOR - The trade of groundnuts

FPh-488. CAYOR - The trade of groundnuts

FPh-489. CAYOR - Herds at the well / see FPh-451, 472 and 499, same place /

FPh-490. SÉNÉGAL - Between Pire and Meckhé

FPh-491. SÉNÉGAL - Young Peuhles / same subjects on FPh-437 / R /

FPh-492. SÉNÉGAL - A caravan at rest

FPh-493. SÉNÉGAL - Camelier from Cayor

FPh-494. SÉNÉGAL - Peuhle family

FPh-495. Village of Leybar near St-Louis / Native huts left background. Children sitting on wicker bundles in foreground /

FPh-496. Backwater of Leybar near St-Louis / sometimes: Seybar /

FPh-497. SÉNÉGAL - Young Peuhle girl / Lovely portrait showing beadwork and braids /

FPh-498. SÉNÉGAL - Peuhles from Cayor / 3 of the same subjects from FPh-484 /

FPh-499. SÉNÉGAL - CAYOR - A well / see FPh-451, 472 and 489, same place /