FPh- 250 to 299

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FPh-250. Gorée. The market

FPh-251. Gorée. Military hospital

FPh-252. Gorée. On the Square

FPh-253. Gorée. Government Hotel

FPh-254. Gorée. Square and Monument to the victims of yellow fever / R /

FPh-255. Gorée. The whole of Government Square

FPh-256. Gorée. Alley of the Baobabs

FPh-257. Gorée. A street in Gorée

FPh-258. Gorée. The castle

FPh-259. Gorée. The whole of Government and of the Square

FPh-260. Gorée. The bottom of Castle Road

FPh-261. Gorée. The cliffs and the Castle viewed from ‘Tongor’

FPh-262. DAKAR. Corner of Protet Square and of Ambulance Street

FPh-263. DAKAR. The station

FPh-264. DAKAR. The Town Hall and the beach

FPh-265. DAKAR. Women playing at Wouri-Fock

FPh-266. DAKAR. Town Hall and Police Station

FPh-267. DAKAR. A corner of the harbour

FPh-268. DAKAR. Staff quarters / Bvd de la Défense, Mangin Barracks /

FPh-269. DAKAR. The port

FPh-270. DAKAR. Protest Square / Café West, the future Café Protest

FPh-271. DAKAR. The National Boulevard, the eastern part / R /

FPh-272. DAKAR. Pint-Laprade Boulevard / with a crowd /

FPh-273. DAKAR. Boulevard and Secretariat / group seated on the pavement /

FPh-274. DAKAR. Office of the Secretary General / same day as FPh-273 /

FPh-275. DAKAR. Ambulance Street / before the enlargement and transformation in Roume Avenue. Note the railway leading to the building site of the future Palace, beginning of 1904 / R /

FPh-276. SÉNÉGAL. A camp at Ouakam / Military tents /

FPh-277. DAKAR. Pinet-Laprade Boulevard / Police Station /

FPh-278. DAKAR. “Daw-len portalekat angok” (You save...the photographer is veiled) / Phrase in Wolof, variable caption / R /

FPh-279. DAKAR. Corner of the market

FPh-280. SÉNÉGAL. A street in Dakar

FPh-281. DAKAR. Pavilion of the Naval Commandant

FPh-282. A street in Dakar / steep slope, not-situated /

FPh-283. DAKAR. A native street

FPh-284. DAKAR. The point of the barracks

FPh-285. DAKAR. Ambulance Street / the future Avenue Roume /

FPh-286. DAKAR. The Tribunal

FPh-287. DAKAR. A village street

FPh-288. DAKAR. Market Square / future Kermel /

FPh-289. DAKAR. The canoeists

FPh-290. DAKAR. Ambulance Street / the future Avenue Roume/

FPh-291. DAKAR. End of Pinet-Laprade Boulevard / extreme west /

FPh-292. DAKAR. Braconnier Street

FPh-293. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - Secretariat-General

FPh-294. DAKAR. Native street / children on the sand, same sequence for FPh-294 to 300 /

FPh-295. DAKAR. Women and children

FPh-296. DAKAR.      “          “

FPh-297. DAKAR.      “          “

FPh-298. DAKAR.      “          “

FPh-299. DAKAR.      “          “