FPh- 150 to 199

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FPh-150. SÉNÉGAL - Transporting groundnuts / Merchant leading camel loaded with sacks of groundnuts. Three others looking on with tree to the right /

FPh-151. RUFISQUE - Fishermen on the beach

FPh-152. DAKAR (from the public gardens) / small bay with railway line leading to the port and buildings on right in the distance /

FPh-153. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - The Post Office / A lively street scene /

FPh-154. DAKAR - Rue Vincens / Native huts to the right. Storm drain to the left. Four people in the foreground street /

FPh-155. SÉNÉGAL - Constructing a hut / Putting a thatched roof on a native dwelling /

FPh-156. TIVAOUANE (Sénégal) Awaiting trade

FPh-157. Wedding at the coast - The wedding Brougham / Error: this snapshot was taken in front of the Palace of Konakry / Reprinted with correct caption - CF-1046 and CGF-1046 /

FPh-158. DAKAR - In the native village / see also FPh-133 /

FPh-159. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - Rue Vincens / the corner of Carnot behind the Mosque Blanchot; see FPh-143 /

FPh-160. DAKAR - Arsenal work-sites

FPh-161. SÉNÉGAL - River banks / flat rocks, probably in Guinée near Dubréka

FPh-162. DAKAR - The Roads (harbour) / view from the small jetty, with yacht /

FPh-163. DAKAR - Procession / in front of the Cafe Beur; the same scene on card FPh-164; Procession on a Sunday forbidden in Dakar prior to 1903 / Reprinted /

FPh-164. DAKAR - Procession / same scene on FPh-163 and 571 / R /

FPh-165. SÉNÉGAL - Karité Festival / same scene on FPh-126, same remark /

FPh-166. DAKAR - Port work-sites / on the edge of the Public Gardens. See FPh(9), (10), and (56) at the same place ; FPh-212 the same day /

FPh-167. SÉNÉGAL - Jeunes Cérères / A group of 11 Cérère children seated in front of a hut. Mortar to the right, pestle in foreground, gourd pot and large basin on the left. See FPh-51 and 235  - the same family /

FPh-168. SOUDAN - Arrival of a caravan of porters / A group og porters leaving the compound. This scene is not from Soudan. It is actually near Dubreka and the Kakoulima in Guinée. There is an identifying message written on the front of this sample - ‘Diamou village, route of the railway from Kayes to Bamako at 48 kilometres from Kayes’. See also FPh-562, 564 and 566. /

FPh-169. SÉNÉGAL - Sénégalese landscape (bananas and palm trees) / Error - This is Guinée, perhaps at Konakry-Boulbiné / Presentation variable /

FPh-170. SÉNÉGAL - Blacksmiths.

FPh-171. Street in Dakar / Rue da Garonne on the corner of Place Protet /

FPh-172. SÉNÉGAL - Women at the wells

FPh-173. SÉNÉGAL -Tivaouane square / Camels with women buying from the seated merchant /

FPh-174. SOUDAN - Domesticated ostriches / See also FPh-48 /

FPh-175. SÉNÉGAL - A stopover awaiting the bargaining / Donkey and cattle with nearby well. Two traders await customers. Crowd in background. /

FPh-176. SÉNÉGAL - Weavers.

FPh-177. SÉNÉGAL - At the edge of a Backwater / More likely Guinée /

FPh-178. SÉNÉGAL - Women from Dakar / Wives of the Griot /

FPh-179. SÉNÉGAL - Dakar. Young Lébous / Group of Lebou children. Bottom edge is clear /

FPh-180. SÉNÉGAL - Young lady from Gorée / Reprinted /

FPh-181. SÉNÉGAL - Young lady from Cayor / Lahobe girl with bracelets, rings  and necklaces. A lovely portrait makes this a valued and highly sought after card /

FPh-182. SÉNÉGAL - Young Soussou girls / snapshot EF8. Variable caption /

FPh-183. SÉNÉGAL - Women from Dakar / In fact a woman with a young girl. Lovely costume with unusual necklace / Variable caption /

FPh-184. SÉNÉGAL - Girls from Dakar / With the ‘short-sighted one’ (la bigleause) on FPh-24, 27 and 226 /

FPh-185. SÉNÉGAL - Merchant from Cayor / In the studio. Lovely costume. variable presentation. several reprints. /

FPh-186. SÉNÉGAL - A dakar street / Prisoners sweeping the road /

FPh-187. A street in Rufisque.

FPh-188. SÉNÉGAL - Regata at Dakar / Reprinted /

FPh-189. SÉNÉGAL - Market street. Dakar / variable caption /

FPh-190. SÉNÉGAL - In the mangroves / Four Europeans bathing their feet /

FPh-191. SÉNÉGAL - Camp of the Madeleines. Dakar / Variable caption /

FPh-192. SÉNÉGAL - Riflemens quarters. Dakar / Bvd National and Place Protet /

FPh-193. SÉNÉGAL - In the native village. Dakar / Roads and small mosque /

Fph-194. SÉNÉGAL - One does not leave without paying / a caravan of asses /

FPh-195. SÉNÉGAL - A street in Rufisque.

FPh-196. Point of the Madeleines. Dakar / Variable caption /

FPh-197. SÉNÉGAL - Steamship in the Dakar roads / The ‘Magellan’ of the ‘Messages Maritimes’ company. See also FPh-394 /

FPh-198. SÉNÉGAL - Vincent Street. Dakar / for: Vincens /

FPh-199. Native quarter. Dakar