FPh-100 to 149


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FPh-100. Street in Dakar. Facing the hotel. / Pinet-Laprade Boulevard, the corner of Descemet, near future Post Office / Ant=FD-(2) /

FPh-101. Wharf at RUFISQUE.

FPh-102. Market at Saint-Louis.   / see FPh-99; Ant=FPh-(26) /

FPh-103. DAKAR    / view from the port /

FPh-104. Arrival of Samory at Saint-Louis / Samory has already disembarked, under military escort. See also FPh-49 and 582. Snapshot from January 1899 /

FPh-105. DAKAR    / variable caption / Ant=FPh-(2) /

FPh-106. DAKAR    / variable caption / Ant=FPh-(17) / R /

FPh-107. DAKAR    / Direction of the naval port / Ant=FPh-(6). Snapshot taken the same day as FPh-(4) and FPh-111 /

FPh-108. DAKAR. The small Jetty  / variable presentation /

FPh-109. DAKAR. Entry and station / Barachois corner of Pinard-Laprade / Ant=FPh-3(A) /

FPh-110. RUFISQUE. Fishermen. 

FPh-111. DAKAR   / Barachois corner Pinard-Laprade / Ant=FPh-4 /

FPh-112. DAKAR. In the station   / train about to leave and soldiers /

FPh-113. DAKAR. On the quays a festival day / variable caption / R /

FPh-114. DAKAR The boulevard   / National Boulevard. Variable presentation / R /

FPh-115. A street in Dakar / with a carriage. Non specific location. Variable caption /

FPh-116. DAKAR. In the indigenous quarter / unspecified street /

FPh-117. DAKAR. At the well of the port  / in front of the Dion of military port /

FPh-118. DAKAR - The Little Jetty / Sacks, boxes and building materials being unloaded and stored on the jetty. /

FPh-119. DAKAR.    / partial view of the port /

FPh-120. A corner of Dakar.  / houses on the edge of the Ravine /

FPh-121. SÉNÉGAL. On the dune a Tabeski day / variable caption, exists in coloured format /

FPh-122. DAKAR. In the indigenous village.

FPh-123. SÉNÉGAL. Cattle drivers / ridden by the Mauritanians /

FPh-124. DAKAR. Entry from the Boulevard / National Boulevard, two wheelbarrows / R /

FPh-125. DAKAR Post Office Street.

FPh-126. SÉNÉGAL. Religious ceremony /Snapshot EF89; same scene on FPh-165; Geographical error: located in Conakry (Guinée) / R /

FPh-127. DAKAR. (from the little jetty).

FPh-128. DAKAR. Young women going to the market / Essarts Street corner of the Kermel / R /

FPh-129. RUFISQUE. Embarking by the beach / with the wharf /

FPh-130. SAINT-LOUIS. Street of the Mosque.

FPh-131. DAKAR. Ravine of the Public Garden / variable caption. See FPh-61 and 572 /

FPh-132. DAKAR. In the village.

FPh-133. DAKAR. Lébou village.   / see FPh-158 / R / postmark November 1903 /

FPh-134. A Dakar street / Carnot Street corner Vincens with Blanchat Mosque. Variable caption. See also FPh-159 /

FPh-135. RUFISQUE. Gambetta Street.

FPh-136. DAKAR. Canoeists.   / R /

FPh-137 . Sénégalese countryside scene near M’Baw. / variable caption / R as CGF-496 / Sénégalese Oasis between Dakar and Rufisque /

FPh-138. DAKAR - At the well. / Group of women and children gathered at the local well / R as CGF-2141 (previously un-catalogued) /

FPh-139. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - Native quarter. / Man to the right with woman carrying small bowl on her head. Child carrying large bowl on head in centre. Group of people under a tree in background. Also native houses with wall and fence in background /

FPh-140. SÉNÉGAL - RUFISQUE - Native village. / A local village close to the beach with a crowd of children and two adults on the beach. Other children to the right near wicker fencing around huts; one in right foreground. Rufisque wharf in the background. /

FPh-141. A Dakar street. / Street in the centre of town. Palm tree in the distance. Shop on the left corner. Fenced garden on the left corner. Street lamp on the left near corner with a woman half visible. A child with two women carrying children on the crown of the road, probably Rue de Garonne. The cathedral is just visible in the background. /

FPh-142. SÉNÉGAL - DAKAR - Entry to the town. / Barachois, the Thirion monument and the Naval Port Directorate ‘Marine Nationale’. /

FPh-143. RUFISQUE - Putting groundnuts in sacks. / A large pile of the nuts being packed into sacks in preparation for shipment. Note the small railway used for transporting filled sacks. /

FPh-144. DAKAR - In the native village. / Non-located. /

FPh-145. DAKAR - Boy’s School. / Rue des Essarts on the corner of Place Protët. / Variable caption. /

FPh-146. DAKAR - A corner of the Public Garden.

FPh-147. DAKAR - At the market. / A view of the market preceding the Kermel. /

FPh-148. SÉNÉGAL - Arrival of a groundnut caravan at the house of a merchant.

FPh-149. DAKAR - In the native quarter.  / Native dwellings to the left depicting a variety of structures. Large two storey building on the right having a single storey flat roofed extension exhibiting an interesting array of pipes directing storm water from the flat roof into a long gutter. /