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It appears that the photographer had his own special preferences of some cards within the early series that prompted him to add an identifying number.

Several of the prints reserved from the FD- series and the FPh- series carry another identification number preceded by the initials of the photographer “EF”, generally in white lettering on the print itself, but sometimes in black. This number which has nothing to do with the card numbers is indicated whenever this is the case. The appendix table 1 gives the correspondence of the known ‘EF’ prints with those of postcards on which they are used.

In some cases Fortier made efforts to hide or even obliterate the ‘EF’ number, leading to conjecture as to why he wanted to hide his preference or did he change his mind about these prints?

A number of these cards are worthy of special mention:

Certain EF numbers are not complete or clearly visible. Examples of this are FPh-18 (looks like EF99), FPh-50, 56, 217, 225, 226, 233 and 240.

The number EF99 appears on FPh-184. However it is a mirror image which leads to the conclusion that this snapshot is also mirrored.

All known EF numbers are on snapshots of people, never landscapes.

Further the numbers EF1105, 1049, 1095, 1154 and 1183 are known on pornographic snapshots (un-published ?), but note that FPh-710 carries the number EF1154 (this subject appears in a photograph carrying EF1152)

Presently known EF snapshots are listed below in the ascending FPh- number system. they are cross-referenced in table 1.


FD- 11. Women from Dakar / EF98 - The ‘short-sighted one’ (la bigleuse) with two other girls. See especially CGF 1226. Also see  FPh-184 which is the same group differently posed /

FD-13/FPh- 13. Dakar. Young Lébou girls / snapshot EF65 /

FD-15/FPh- 15. SÉNÉGAL - GUINÉE. Young Soussou girl. / snapshot EF84 / same subject on FPh- 236 and    240, CGF- 1129, 1286 and 1445 /

FPh- 18. DAKAR. At the fountain. / Duplicate use of EF99 /

FD-20/FPh- 20. SÉNÉGAL. Mauretanian. / various presentations and captions with mention of ‘bijoutier’    (jeweller) /snapshopt EF3 /

FD- 21. Woman from Dakar / woman with the pipe, bare breasted. EF number is not visible /

FPh- 22. SÉNÉGAL. Peulh woman. / snapshot EF76 / several reprints / 5 /

FPh- 23 . SÉNÉGAL. Céréres. / same subjects on FD-(4), FD- 12 and FPh- 12 / R /

FPh- 24. SÉNÉGAL. Grinding couscous / snapshot EF98 / 3 girls of which one standing. ‘la  bigleuse’ (the short-sighted person). who reappears singly, or with family, on FD-11, FPh- 27, 184 and 226, CGF- 1147, 1175, 1226 and 1241 /

FPh- 29. Soussou family / EF but number not known. Reprinted as CF-1036 - see below /

FPh- 43. Bambara wrestler. / in the studio / Ant = FPh- (72) / snapshot EF93 /

FPh- 50. SÉNÉGAL. Femme Ouolof. / variable caption / EF 2? /

FPh- 53. SÉNÉGAL. Women from Cayor / same family, see FPh-26, 34 and 52. snap EF21; variable caption /R/

FPh- 56. SÉNÉGAL. Ginding couscous. / snapshot EF5?  The same family on FPh- 26, 34, 52 and 53 /

FPh- 89. SÉNÉGAL. Pourougnes. / snapshot EF13; the same woman on FPh- 92 /

FPh-90.  SÉNÉGAL & GUINÉE. Foulah woman  / full face, with the crest / snapshot EF90 /

FPh-91.  SÉNÉGAL. Peulhe woman.  / half nude, hands on hips / snapshot EF77 /

FPh-92.  SÉNÉGAL. Pourogne woman / half nude, same subject on FPh-89; snapshot EF38 /

FPh-165. SÉNÉGAL - Karité Festival / same scene on FPh-126, same remark / EF9 /

FPh-182. SÉNÉGAL - Young Soussou girls / snapshot EF8. Variable caption /

FPh-184. SÉNÉGAL - Girls from Dakar / With the ‘short-sighted one’ (la bigleause) on FD-11, FPh-24, 27 and 226 / snapshot EF99 / same group in different pose on CGF-1226 and 1301 / Note that this card carries an EF snapshot number as a mirror image (EF99) suggesting that the print is also a reversal of the print as a whole. This is supported if one compares this study with FPh-24 and 27 where the left eye is skewed, whereas this shot of 'bigleuse' shows her right eye as the offending one /

FPh-217. SÉNÉGAL – Mauritanian / EF?2 /

FPh-218. SÉNÉGAL - Cérères / Two women part-naked / snapshot EF54 /

FPh-219. SÉNÉGAL - Ouolof girl / snapshot EF71 /

FPh-220. SÉNÉGAL - Girls from Dakar / see FPh-19 and 44; Snaphot EF59 /

FPh-221. SÉNÉGAL - Day of the Prayers / Moslem holy day. See FPh-126 and 165, same caption. Note this card clearly shows the snapshot number EF5 /

FPh-224. SÉNÉGAL -GUINÉE - Foulah girl / see FPh-40, 239 and 165 / snapshot EF59 /

FPh-225. SÉNÉGAL – Mauritanians / EF?8 /

FPh-226. SÉNÉGAL -Girl from Dakar / The ‘short-sighted one’, see FPh-24, 27 and 184 / EF11 /

FPh-228. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère None / snapshot EF61 /

FPh-229. SÉNÉGAL - Women from Oualo / Nice costumes; snapshot EF34; variable presentation / Reprinted /

FPh-236. SÉNÉGAL -GUINÉE - Soussou girl / same subject on FD-15, FPh-15 and 240 / snapshot EF66 /

FPh-237. SÉNÉGAL - SOUDAN Malinké / snapshot EF48 /

FPh-239. SÉNÉGAL -GUINÉE - Foulah girl / same subject on FPh-40, 224 and 577 / snapshot EF19 ; Note: An attempt to erase this EF number is evident - see sample picture /

FPh-240. SÉNÉGAL -GUINÉE - Timne girl / or Soussou; same subject on FPh-15 and 236 / EF ? /

FPh-314. SÉNÉGAL - Ouolof girl / hands on the nape of the neck / Reprinted / snapshot EF69 /

FPh-579. DAKAR - Young girl, type Lébou / the ‘short-sighted one’. See FPh-24, 27, 184 and 226 / snapshot EF103 /

FPh-581. Cayor - Cérère family / snapshot EF68 /

FPh-710. SÉNÉGAL - Young Lébou girl / Studio posed girl with a shawl. Snapshot EF1154 /

The following cards are from the 1906-1910 CF and CGF series. They carry EF numbers as noted:

CF-1036. SÉNÉGAL-GUINÉE - Soussou family / Ant=FPh-29 /

CGF-1129. SÉNÉGAL-GUINÉE - Timné girl / EF letters are clear but number is not visible. Ant = FPh-240 /

CGF-1163. Chief’s son / Ant=FPh-233. Bouna Albouri Ndiaye /

CGF-1215. SÉNÉGAL - Cérère-None / snapshot EF25 /

CGF-1226.  Girls from Dakar / snapshot EF100 /

The following photograph is known privately (not published as a postcard). It carries EF number as noted:

EF1552 - scan is shown


The melange below shows ‘the short-sighted one’ in a selection of EF numbered cards, all listed above and displayed in the EF gallery


bigleuse 1b03