FPh- (Un-numbered with Caption)

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FPh-(49)   Dakar. Post Office street

FPh-(49)   Dakar. Post Office street

FPh-(50)A Street in Dakar

FPh-(50)A Street in Dakar

FPh-(50)B   Street of the Essarts

FPh-(50)B  Street of the Essarts

FPh-(50)C   Dakar street.

FPh-(50)C  Dakar street.

FPh-(51)   Native village

FPh-(51)   Native village

FPh-(52)   DAKAR - Panorama

FPh-(52)   DAKAR - Panorama

FPh-(53)   DAKAR - Generale view

FPh-(53)   DAKAR - Generale view

FPh-(55)   Dakar. Cathedral.

FPh-(55)   Dakar. Cathedral.

FPh-(56)   Dakar. Port works.

FPh-(56)   Dakar. Port works.

FPh-(57)   Dakar. Public Garden.

FPh-(57)   Dakar. Public Garden.

FPh-(58)   Dakar. Entrance of the town.

FPh-(58)   Dakar. Entrance of the town.

FPh-(59)   DAKAR. Market.

FPh-(59)   DAKAR. Market.

FPh-(60)   Thies market.

FPh-(60)   Thies market.

FPh-(61)   DAKAR - Plage.

FPh-(61)   DAKAR - Plage.

FPh-(65)   Senegal. River banks

FPh-(65)   Senegal. River banks

FPh-(70)   Local barber.

FPh-(70)   Local barber.

FPh-(71)   Trarza Mauritanian.

FPh-(71)   Trarza Mauritanian.

FPh-(72)   Bambara Wrestler.

FPh-(72)   Bambara Wrestler.

FPh-(73)   Senegal. Lahobes.

FPh-(73)   Senegal. Lahobes.

FPh-(74)   Senegalese Halamkat

FPh-(74)   Senegalese Halamkat