Fortier Anonymous

Series Anonymous

A small series of un-signed cards, believed to be the earliest of all Fortier's publications.

Characteristics are as follows:

· Blue-grey or grey-black snapshot, landscape 3/2 format.

· Anonymous - not signed.

· Period 1900/1901, perhaps the very first published by Fortier.

· All snapshots reprinted in the FPh- (..) un-numbered and FPh- numbered with signature.

For easier checking, these cards are listed below under the corresponding numbers of the FPh- signed cards already indexed in the catalogue.



The known ones are listed below with illustrations where examples are held (shown in green).

Anon/FPh-(13) Dakar. Une Vue de la Rade. / known posted in September 1901 / mint example shown /

Anon/FPh-(25) St Louis. Marché Get N'Dar. / Note that Guet is spelt Get /

Anon/FPh-(65) St Louis. Get N'Dar. or Sénégal. Bords du Fleuve./ Also reprinted as FPh-12(B) /

Anon/FPh-(71) St Louis. Place du Gouvernement. / known posted in September 1901 /

Anon/FPh-( ) Quartier de la Marine. / example shown as Anon FPh-(a) /

Anon/FPh-(11) Rade de DAKAR. or Une Vue de la Rade. / R= FPh-103 / example shown /

Anon/FPh-( ) THIÈS - Le Marché. / example shown as Anon FPh-(b)