Fortier Early Years (1900 - 1905)

Welcome to Fortier Early Years

This web-site is the first of three dedicated to the French West African Photographer, Edmond Fortier

It covers the postcards published by Fortier from 1900 until 1905,  including the three series -

  • Anonymous                      Anon
  • Fortier, Dakar                 FD-
  • Fortier Phot(o), Dakar   FPh-

A further two sites covering The Middle Years (1906 - 1910) and The Later Years (1914 - 1924) are being prepared.

The three sites will constitute a comprehensive catalogue of the known Fortier publications and will be of interest to historians, collectors and students of French West Africa (1900 - 1924).






NOTE: These two sites are under construction - please check later